My Story

I grew up in an extremely supportive and loving home.  Both my parents were very hardworking and successful in their careers.  However, they always made time to be “mom” and “dad” first for both my sister and myself.  I plan on raising my child in the same type of fun, loving and supportive household.  A home that will be filled with reading books at bed time, arts and crafts projects, baking cookies, reading books at bedtime, and most definitely my mom's singing when she comes over.   I promise you that your child knows that my love and support for him or her is also limitless and unconditional.  

I am fortunate to have a successful career.  In my line of work I am heavily involved with community outreach.  My career provides me with a flexible schedule and the ability to provide your child with a life filled with endless opportunities.  I am also very fortunate to have a very strong support system filled with friends and family that cannot wait to become part of your child’s life.   In addition, my mother lives walking distance from my home and she is very excited to become a first time grandma.